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Episode 15: Wonder Woman

A good DC movie??? What a pleasant surprise! The boys take on one of the best films of the year with "Wonder Woman"!

Episode 14: Suicide Squad

Oh boy, here we go. It's time for the incredibly controversial Suicide Squad.

Join the boys as they take on the highly disputed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! Because Everyone Analyzes These, Most Everyone Obviously Forgets Fun.

The official commercial for the Cinema Talk Podcast!

Episode 12: Man of Steel

In this episode, we have all four hosts! The boys tackle Zack Snyder's 2013 Superman flick, "Man of Steel"!

Quick Sceduling Update

Just a real quick update from Ryan on what's to come with the CTP!

On this episode of the Cinema Talk Podcast, we introduce you to a brand new host! Enter Matt Monroy, our newest addition to the podcast. Matt joins Brendan and Ryan as they discuss...

Remember when you heard all those anime fans talking about how much they hated live-action versions? This is why. The boys watch the 2017 edition of Death Note!

Episode 9: It

The boys finally get to the episode that Floyd has been hyping up since the beginning. Here's the CTP review of Stephen King's It!

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