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Join the boys for their most hilarious episode yet, where they review the masterpiece that is Kingsman: The Secret Service!

Episode 6.5 Minisode 1

Brendan and Ryan take a few moments to discuss upcoming events within the podcast!

The boys tackle the Magnum Opus of one of the most important directors of our time! David Lynch's "Muholland Drive" sends this episode off the rails and down the rabbit hole of th...

Episode 5: V for Vendetta

The boys get slightly political in this episode on a cult classic!

Episode 4: Cloud Atlas

The boys have their widest range of scores to date, as they discuss the Wachowski's Cloud Atlas!

Episode 3: The Dark Tower

The boys get a little off-track discussing Stephen King's Magnum Opus "Dark Tower". A film 17 years in the making, there's a whole lot to discuss!

Episode 2: La La Land

The guys are back with one of the most talked about films of last year, La La Land!

Episode 1: Arrival

The guys hop right in and review the film Arrival!

A brief introduction to the wonders that await within this movie review podcast!

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